Wildfires are sometimes unpredictable, but with the global warming that our planet experiences now it’s not surprising that we humans should be blame too. The increased greenhouse house emissions have increased over the decades, leading to increased rate of wildlife. As much as we want to avoid wildfire incidents like the recent California wildfire, we should also think that we are part of the problem. To bring more light in the issue, the following are the causes of wildfires.  


Human Causes 

Like I mentioned, we are part of the problem. We are the number one cause of wildfires. Although we have fire damage restoration including smoke and soot cleanup, we should also strive to avoid this. Some of these are cigarette butts left on the forest, intentional acts of arson and campfires left unmonitored. We are really destroying the only place we can live.  

Burning Debris 

It is not illegal to burn yard waste in our yards; however most of these burning of debris caused fires when they are left unattended. The strong wind plays a huge role when it comes to wildfire. Once a small part if burned, it will begin to spread into the fields, farms and even forests.  

Unattended Campfires 

People really love to go on field trips and camping, it is really fun especially at night where campfires are made. However, if not controlled or unattended, it can cause a massive wildfire. So when you go camping and build a campfire, make sure that you do it in a safe location which is away from the objects that can ignite more fire. Make sure it’s stocked with a shovel and a bucket of water.  

Engine Sparks 

When a car crashes, it is known that it can ignite a fire quickly because of the hot sparks it spews when things are not in control. It is common that firefighters stay on the location of car crush because they are anticipating a fire. So imagine having your car crushed on the countryside where there is abundance of forests.  


When people leave cigarette butts especially on really dry areas, there’s a high chance of it getting the whole place burned down. People who smoke should understand that a small cigarette butt can cause a massive effect on the environment.  


Fireworks do not only cause wildfire, it also causes any kinds of fire on any property. Events are fun with fireworks on the sky; however we should be careful because it can start a fire. It can cause a massive fire in an unwanted territory.  


Arson is the intentional act of setting fire to vehicles, property and even farms to cause damage. This is the reason why 30% of wildfire happened. People do this to deceive insurance company. This should be a big no because you won’t know what damage you’re inflicting.  

Mother Nature 

10% of the wildfire is caused by Mother Nature.  


Hit lightning can cause wildfire, especially during the time of lightning storms. When a tree is struck, the sparks can produce a massive fire that can damage a field or even a whole forest.